Products and Services

The NSEOA offers it’s coveted NSEOA-TRUSTED SEAL to companies who have earned the right to represent it. Internet Marketing Firms may request an investigation of their company one time per year if one has not already been done by emailing our Investigation Department at

Because Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing processes are constantly evolving with Google algorithms changing almost monthly, we strongly discourage the practice of “My brother’s girlfriend’s son can do that stuff for me”. We have seen good businesses that have been doing business for decades get blacklisted Google, Yahoo, and many of the other search engines because of simple, innocent, good intentioned missteps by untrained individuals. Because of this, the NSEOA does not offer or recommend any Do-it-Yourself products. Occasionally a product is created and offered to business owners to assist them in their general internet marketing education and as we carefully evaluate these products, we occasionally approve them for endorsement.