NSEOA Launches New Data Center

New “dashboard” provides current metrics for SEO dependency, quality and more. Director Marks explains the dashboard in his blog.

Data Visualization Center

Director Marks explains the dashboard in his blog. The NSEO announced today that, effective October 1, 2010, the NSEOA.org is reorganizing its operational structure to strengthen the agency’s management, communications and policy functions in accordance with the goals set forth in its 2010-2015 Strategic Plan, the text of which is available on the NSEOA Web site and which will be available in final format in the coming weeks.

To Educate and Evaluate

  • Training and Education

    The number one mission of the NSEOA is to educate and train small business owners not only the importance of creating an online presence for their company, but educate them as to which Search Engine Internet Marketing Firms are the most trusted. We have spent thousands of man hours researching hundreds of self proclaimed “Expert” Marketing Firms and have evaluated each and every one using our proprietary grading system.

  • Boards and Counsel

    Our board and counsel is comprised of 14 of some of the most trusted SEO experts from a total of 6 countries.

  • Interested in Getting Rated?

    We at the National Search Engine Optimization Association are constantly striving to research the absolute most qualified Online Marketing Firms from all around the world. If you would like us to investigate and evaluate your company, please feel free to email us at Investigation@nseoa.org to expedite the process.

  • Information Quality Guidelines

    The NSEO is seeking public comments on proposals for the creation and wider distribution of technologies that address constant unregulated changes by Google TM and other leading search engines to minimize the research and development cost for Search Engine Marketing Firms. Under a proposed pilot program, SEO Firms who make their technology available to certain “Member Firms”, would be paid a royalty for use on a monthly basis thus minimizing R&D cost.

  • NSEOA Webmaster

    We are constantly making changes and improvements to our site for the benefit of the end user. Check back regularly for the latest updates and notices available to business owners. For any questions regarding any information on this site, email webmaster@nseoa.org

  • NSEOA Seal

    The NSEOA offers it’s coveted NSEOA-TRUSTED SEAL to companies who have earned the right to represent it. Internet Marketing Firms may request an investigation of their company one time per year if one has not already been done by emailing our Investigation Department at investigations@nseoa.org